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Mornar, the club with the highest traditions of the school courses, started at the end of the 50's sailing school at the time the first optimists in Croatia, made in club workshop for maintenance and repair of small vessels led by the late Tonći Mitrovic. From then on, the existence of the club is based on the work of sailing and Ship-school, teaching children and young people and the existence of life at sea, and the development of sailing sport in general.

During all these years the club has gone over 3500 people, conveying the spirit of the club from generation to generation, so the team today brings together members under the age of 7 and older than 77 years.

Recently Mornar school courses are attended Mate Arapov, Tonci Stipanovic, Marin Misura, Karlo Krpeljević, Tonko Kuzmanic, Luka Mratovic, Luka Radelic including as many as 3 World Champions, while a sailor crew optimists within the team was the team champion and vice champion of the world.

Received recognition and awards for sports work

Blue Ribbon Vjesnika 1976th (JK crew Sailor: Stipe Lakos, D. Bonaći, Jure Zekan, Danko Misura, Andrew Sapunar Milivoj Gavrancic and Mladen Ivanisevic. in recognition of the highest level of maritime solidarity and humanity expressed in life-saving six Italian tourists with yachts "Eos")

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